Founded in 1996, Logical Process Corp, is a privately held company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with our Quebec office located in Montreal. Our goal at Logical Process Corp. is to assist our clients to become profitable and successful. We focus exclusively on mission-critical business process services and products which we provide internationally to a wide range of clients. The client base includes corporations and organizations from both the private and public sector. These include software development, telecommunication, investment, banking, financial auditing, aerospace, construction machinery, manufacturing and customer service technology companies, as well as information technology (IT) and customer service operations within a wide variety of industries and sectors. Our partners' skills, knowledge and resources enable us to solve our client's challenges.

This client-centric focus is the core of our success. We listen to our clients, understand their challenges and facilitate their resolution path to business process achievements. Only in this manner can we help clients unravel business process challenges and discover new opportunities to make their businesses more successful.

Logical Process's own success can be attributed to our strong foundation and the values that infuse everything we do.

  • Management - Corporate Officers
  • Partners - That we work with to benefit our clients
  • Values - On which our company is built

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