Our goal at Logical Process Corp. is to assist our clients to become profitable and successful through innovative business process products and services. To help us in this effort we have established a strong set of values on which our company is built.

Logical Process' Values

  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Client-focus…listening and understanding client's issues and collaborating with them to develop comprehensive solutions that exceed their expectations
  • Client independence…helping clients to become business process independent by facilitating and providing training on business process strategy, development and measurement
  • Embracing change…capitalizing on the adaptability of individuals and the organization, within Logical Process and with our clients
  • Disciplined and non-bureaucratic approach to identifying issues and eliminating roadblocks
  • Freedom to take risks, challenging the status quo to foster innovation and continual process improvement…always asking 'how can we do this better'
  • Replicating best practices…maximizing and leveraging best practice, experience and global intellectual capital
  • Just in time interventions…providing guidance and assistance to our clients at strategic intervals to allow them to realize immediate recognizable achievements, we call them 'visible quick wins', while at the same time allowing them to concentrate on their core business.

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